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Velogleis | more safety
for cyclists and pedestrians

99% Reduction of accidents
the VeloGleis from SEALABLE makes it possible!

Are you ready for the innovation that protects lives? Based on our Elastomer profile, we have developed a solution for rails that makes cycling safe, prevents accidents and city planner enthusiastic.

The bike-safe track offers cyclists protection by preventing the bike from sliding in the groove of the rail. In addition, thanks to its surface properties, the profile reduces the risk of skidding in wet weather conditions and also offers pedestrians barrier-free access when crossing the rails.

The rail becomes safe for cyclists!

The University of Tennessee-Knoxville investigated accidents on a busy four-lane railroad road in Knoxville within two months of  2014. There were 13247 cyclist and 53 accidents, which corresponds to a rate of 0.4%. Around 50,000 vehicles drive around the Ernst-Reuter-Platz in Berlin (which regularly takes a top position in the list of accident hotspots). There are 334 accidents per year, which in turn corresponds to an accident probability of approx. 0.0018% or one accident per 55,000 journeys. This means that even a car accident hotspot is approx. 220 times safer than crossing tram tracks for cyclists.

We have taken this fact as motivation to develop our new patented “VeloGleis”. After several development projects, including one with the VBZ in Zurich, we have put together all of our findings, and created this currently unique system in the world. With the
help of FEM simulation and the participation of external partners (company Künstler Bahntechnik GmbH) the VeloGleis was created.

Why is a bicycle safe track necessary?

Where rail and bike meet, accidents occur time and again when cyclists or pedestrians get into the grooves of tram rails. In order to reduce the dangers, there are numerous approaches worldwide, but so far they wear out too quickly or are too costly technically and financially.
The bicycle-safe "VeloGleis" by SEALABLE Solutions GmbH has a special rubber profile that fills the track groove of a rail and thus enables safe crossing. A passing railway, on the other hand, presses the profile in due to its weight. Due to its elastic properties, the rubber then returns to its original shape and fills the groove again. The system can be retrofitted to existing rails and easily cleaned or replaced thanks to the cover-lift construction.

  • Additional space for foreign bodies (e.g. stones) provides derailment protection
  • Prevents the bicycle from getting jammed in the rail groove
  • Surface texture prevents risk of slipping
  • Barrier-free crossing of the rails
  • Reduction of bicycle accidents

In the 2020 accident statistics of the VBZ Zürich, a total of 39 out of 613 accidents occurred with the involvement of bicycle at the cute-angled track crossing. For E-bicycle s the count is 11 out of 158 accidents. The number of unreported cases is significantly higher.

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