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Tunnelling | Coex tunnel

Precast segment gaskets
Coex with hydrophilic swelling material

COEX seals are coated with a hydrophilic material on the contact surface. This system ensures a self-healing process of the seal in the event of a leak, since the surface expands many times over when it comes into contact with water and the opening thus closes again. The swelling process starts after brief contact with liquids and is still functional even after years in a dry environment.

Due to a thin colored hydrophillic layer on the surface, the COEX seal expands many times over on contact with water, thus ensuring perfect adaptation to the environment.

Advantages of COEX sealing profiles

  • Expands many times on contact with water
  • Additional degree of sealing due to water-absorbing surface
  • Even after years in a dry environment, the swelling reacts in the same way
  • Self-healing in case of leakage



Jurong Island (36 x 11 mm)


Singapore (33 x 8 mm)


Bangalore (26 x 10 mm)

Installation instruction

The gluing of COEX gaskets can be done with a brush as well as with a spray gun. Below you will find the step-by-step instruction as a video and also as PDF for download.

Installation instruction for tunnel gaskets with contact adhesive and brush

Installation instruction for tunnel gaskets with contact adhesive and spray gun

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