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Tunnelling | Hydrophillic material
Quickswell + Blackswell

Precast segment gaskets
hydrophillic material

Quickswell and Blackswell are based on a mixture of rubber (EPDM/NR/NBR) with a special swellable material. This has hydrophilic properties that are influenced by temperature as well as the quality and composition of the water. The expansion on contact with liquid creates a pressure that ensures a reliable water seal. Our swelling rubber is available in different shapes and colours depending on the application, e.g. as a band next to the gasket frame or as a round swelling cord integrated in the profile.


For the first time, it is possible to combine the excellent properties of EPDM polymers with swellable material.

Advantages of hydrophillic material

  • Reliable and reversible swelling behaviour
  • Rubber compound with hydrophilic nanoparticles
  • Excellent chemical and ozone resistance
  • High resistance to permanent deformation
  • High water impermeability


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