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The experts in the field of profiles & sealing.

Rubber-based sealing
and insulation solutions for industry
as well as track and tunnel construction

Challenges in the industry are growing with increased demand for innovation and sustainability. As specialists in the field of elastomers, we at SEALABLE use our curiosity and experience to offer a portfolio that has developed over time from the realisation of complex customer requirements. Listening to our customers and the continuous observation of market trends provide us with the basis for further application-oriented development.

We see no contradiction between ecology and economy when it comes to the development and manufacture of our products – on the contrary, the two are interdependent. Streamlined and energy-efficient processes are not only ecologically sound, but also the basis for fair prices at SEALABLE. In addition, our sustainable products for Tunnelling, Track Superstructure and Industrial Solutions with REACH-compliant components protect not only the health of our employees, but also the environment. Our responsibility begins with the selection of suppliers, including raw material suppliers, rubber suppliers and freight forwarders, which we select as locally as possible and with a focus on quality.

More than fifty years of market experience provide the foundation for our range of high quality sealing solutions to meet every challenge in your project.

How did we become
an expert of profiles and sealing systems?

It all began more than 200 years ago with the production of fire hoses. As our product range has diversified, our expertise in elastomer profiles and skill in processing various types of rubber has grown over the last 50 years.

Through various stages of development and ownership arrangements, starting with PHOENIX AG, ContiTech AG, then PHOENIX Dichtungstechnik GmbH and finally DÄTWYLER Sealing Technologies Deutschland GmbH, our organisation has grown into an international company. In 2018, we received the Thuringian Innovation Award in the “Tradition & Future” category for our “bicycle-safe track”; we also hold 43 patents. Following the management buy-out in May 2020, SEALABLE Solutions GmbH now operates as a Thuringian company with a global network.

Our approach is based not only on worldwide sales, but also on placing particular emphasis on reliable, close contact with our customers and partners. As a result, our partnerships are sustainable and often involve an entire product lifecycle.

Our application areas

Tuebbing segments stacked at Oslo Follow Line project


Safety and risk minimisation with regard to leak tightness are based on more than 790 references with different requirements, project-specific coordination of profile geometry and material expertise. 


Our products combine the highest level of structure-borne sound insulation and stray current insulation with sustainability, ease of use and cost efficiency.


The combination of material expertise, engineering skill and personal cooperation with you enables us to develop application-specific sealing solutions. 

In the Tunnelling sector we offer elastomer
products for:

  • Anchored segment seals
  • Bonded segment seals
  • Segment seals with hydrophilic swelling rubber
  • Coex segment seals
  • Blackswell hydrophilic swelling rubber
  • TBM starter seals
  • Joint repair profiles

Our product range in the Track Superstructure
area includes:

  • RCS®-Rail Comfort System
  • Track bed mats
  • VeloGleis
  • Railrestore
  • Track groove sealing profiles
  • Stop edges
  • Safety profiles
  • Rail documents

Our product groups in the Industrial Solutions
area consist of:

  • Gate and door seals
  • Glazing and damping systems for railway vehicles
  • Absorber mats
  • Household appliance industry
  • Renewable energies
  • Joint & Swelling seals
  • Pipe seals
  • Window & Facade seals

SEALABLE – pioneers in profiles.

We work with you as an equal partner, we have our finger on the pulse of the market, we observe trends and we listen carefully to what our customers have to say.

Matthias Orth & Matthias Klug

Absolutely leak tight.


More than fifty years of market experience provide the foundation for our range of high quality sealing solutions to meet every challenge in your project.

Simple, cost-saving.


Sustainable products with structure-borne sound and stray current insulating properties form the basis for innovative and future-oriented system solutions.

Technologically sophisticated.


Based on our broad portfolio of profiles and various compound formulations, we develop elastomer seals for industry according to your specifications.

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