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Sustainability I our strategy
for sustainable action

Environment & society are close to our heart

Sustainability is important for us. For this reason, we have dedicated ourselves to the development of efficient and durable products. Since 2012, we have been a member of the Sustainability Agreement Thuringia, which is committed to the conservation of resources, the efficient use of energy as well as environmental protection and the positive contribution to climate change. We try to produce our products as sustainable as possible. Starting with the supplier and the raw materials all the way to the consumer.

The three dimensions of sustainability

The high consumption of energy and resources in the economy requires global and future-oriented action to reduce the impact of corporate activities on the environment and society. We as SEALABLE Solutions GmbH live up to this responsibility. Our sustainability strategy serves as a basis for this and is based on the three pillars of environment, social affairs and economy.


By using energy, materials and water in a resource-saving way, we as a company make an active contribution to protecting the environment and preserving biodiversity.


For us, a safe, equal-opportunity and future-oriented working environment is the basis of a healthy corporate culture with which we master the growing social challenges.


The long-term success of the company is the basis of our economic activity. We are in constant dialogue with our stakeholders and focus on increasing the value of the company.

More about our principles of sustainable corporate governance as well as initiatives and successes can be read in our annual sustainability report:

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We grant our suppliers fair contractual conditions and appropriate benefits. In return, we expect them to behave fairly and correctly towards their employees and suppliers. Our specific requirements for our suppliers are set out in a separate Code of Conduct.
In addition, the entire value chain is increasingly becoming the focus of our sustainable activities. Starting with raw materials, storage and transport.

Raw materials

For us, the most important raw materials are the more than 150 different rubber compounds based on EPDM, SBR and chloroprene synthetic rubbers as well as natural rubber. The annual throughput of rubber compounds is between 6000 and 7000 tonnes.
We obtain 90% of our raw materials from regional suppliers. This saves costly and long transport routes and guarantees fast response times.

EPDM-Mischung für Profile von SEALABLE
Bauarbeiter asphaltieren am Anger Erfurt


We always strive to use existing resources of material, energy and raw materials as efficiently as possible. In doing so, we have succeeded in reducing the cost share of waste as well as faulty products in the area of extrusion and frame production reduce to less than 3 % (2022) in recent years.
Waste in the form of rubber is recycled from surrounding recycling centres. The material is ground and used for building protection plates and as an surcharge for road ceilings.

Matthias Klug berät potenzielle Kundin zum LightRailDay


Our customers are essential for our success and the use of our products. Our employees maintain regular contact with them and actively involve them in product development. The exchange of experience mainly takes place during project implementation. In addition, cross-company networks, exhibitions, conferences, but also workshops and digital information channels serve a constant exchange of knowledge.


Our declared goal is to develop efficient and durable products that have the least possible impact on the environment during production, use and disposal. For example, our RCS protects tracks, road surfaces and adjacent buildings from erosion and decay. Stray current and vibration insulation thus contributes to the longevity of other objects. Insulating windows and doors with our seals also reduces energy consumption for the end user.

SEALABLE Tuebbing profiles stacked
production of seals with swell material


With the help of our modern machinery, a new lighting system and the switch to 100% green electricity, we have been able to significantly reduce our energy consumption in the last 2 years. SEALABLE is committed to reducing its energy consumption in the long term. We use a special management system to measure our energy consumption, which is why we are certified according to the environmental management standard DIN EN ISO 14001 and the energy management standard DIN EN ISO 50001.

The most important asset of a company:
the employees

Our employees are actively involved in the responsibility for quality, occupational safety and the environment. In this way, everyone contributes to the sustainable success of the company. The motivation of employees and the bearing of responsibility are supported by a timely open information policy, clear decentralised management processes and needs-based training and further education. Occupational safety and health protection, but also diversity and a good work-life balance are part of our corporate culture.

zufriedener Mitarbeiter am Arbeitsplatz

Dialogue with our stakeholder

As a global company, we work on people and institutions in many areas. It is therefore natural to have a dialogue with them, to exchange information and opinions. This promotes sustainability in companies and society.

The stakeholder dialogue helps us to identify trends and new developments as well as risks and opportunities at an early stage and to achieve sustainability goals together. Only in this way can the needs of the different stakeholders, especially those of the customers, be taken into account. The dialogue with our customers, employees, suppliers, organisations, scientists and business representatives creates trust on both sides. Therefore, we are in a continuous, reciprocal exchange with our stakeholders. At the same time, dialogue with stakeholders will be used to provide information and accountability about the impact of one’s actions on people and the environment.

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