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Tunnelling | tunnel gaskets
with blackswell

Precast segment gaskets
with blackswell

The mixed tunnel seal was developed by our company in the 1990s. We combine a classic compression seal with a hydrophilic material that expands when it comes into contact with water. The swelling material is installed into a groove in the profile in the form of a round cord (preferably 5 mm in diameter). The hydrophilic EPDM rubber cord swells when it comes into contact with moisture and adjust to the environment. As a result, this innovative system offers a high level of protection against leakage.

This type of gasket incorporates an innovative combination of a compression gasket and a water-absorbing rubber cord, which increases the tightness of the profile.

Advantages of sealing profiles with blackswell

  • Available as anchored or glued gasket
  • Additional sealing capacity due to high performance hydrophilic round cord
  • Self-healing effect in case of leakages due to improper ring build
  • No lateral swelling of the material in contact with water
  • Inserting the hydroswelling cord just before the segment is installed
  • No special storage necessary



Alaskan Way (44 x 12 mm)


CVV (33 x 10 mm)


Hong Kong (33 x 10 mm)


Lai Chi Kok (26 x 10 mm)

Installation instruction

Below you will find the step-by-step instruction for pulling a round cord into the groove of the sealing profile.

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