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Tunnelling | Special profiles for
mechanised tunnel construction

Special Seals
for your tunnel project

In addition to the compression seals for the precast concrete segments in mechanical tunnel construction, other special profiles are required. At the start of each tunnel project, a start seal for the TBM is required to prevent unwanted ingress of water and grout. Cracks and gaps in the floor can also appear in the course of the project. These allow water, oils or chemicals to penetrate the concrete. To avoid further damage, our joint renovation profiles offer a quick and safe solution.

We are always available for individual inquiries and will find a suitable solution together with you.

What we offer:

Starting Seal

Our starting and approach seals protect the tunnel entrance from unwanted ingress of water and dirt/debris.

Drainage Profile

Joints are subject to heavy wear and are a potential leak for further damage. Drainage profiles can provide a remedy here.

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