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Trailer VeloGleis

“Take One” and Action!

This is not the first time we have worked with Maurice Hüsni from "displayced-Filmproduktion" filming a trailer for our company. But this time it was a bigger challenge for us and the camera team. The various filming locations were far apart from each other, the tight schedule fitting into daily work schedule and the dependency on weather conditions were always good for surprises.

Sparks Flying at Kuenstler Bahntechnik

The shooting of the VeloGleis started at our competent partner Künstler Bahntechnik in the Ruhr area. The complex construction of the metal box with lift function came together thanks to the know-how of their local employees. Particularly impressive was the 6 m high milling machine, which is able to cut complete switches with millimeter precision from a block of metal. All metal parts of the box construction were also manufactured with this milling machine.

The next work steps took place in the other halls of the 5000 square meter site: welding together, screwing, assembly to the track panel including insulation, integrating rubber profiles and loading for transport to the specific construction site. Nicola Klein commented on the events with a smile:

"The film crew got a little sweaty in our halls at over 40°C in the shade."

The sparks flew in front of the camera while the energetic employees of Künstler Bahntechnik sanded and welded the box construction for the VeloTrack. The motif was promptly captured from all sides and was good material for the new product trailer.

When the truck came to be loaded with the pre-assembled Velogleis, the next impressive spectacle took place. Then it was time to duck! The 18 m long track frame was lifted with a crane, swiveled through 90° in the hall and safely placed on the loading area. A drone followed the entire loading process and then accompanied the truck when it left the premises.

The first shots were now in the can. A short detour to Düsseldorf followed to film the crossing of a train over the VeloTrack. A large detergent manufacturer has set up a VeloTrack on its factory premises and regularly transports fine-grained materials between the individual halls by train.

It doesn't matter whether it's a night shift in Basel or flying sparks in Hamm at 40° in the shade; the production was a lot of fun and I'm looking forward working together on other films in the future!

Franziska Kachel, Marketing Manager

Night Shift with rain in Basel

A week later, the bicycle track was installed in Basel at the Bruderholzstrasse stop. Since this is a heavily frequented street and traffic should be disrupted as little as possible, construction work began at night. Shortly before midnight, construction workers began preparing the site in the rain for the arrival of the crane and truck.

After the last bus passed the intersection, the street was finally blocked off by security. The mobile crane positioned itself on the right side and the large truck loaded with the Velo track frame came from the left. Together the two large vehicles lifted the VeloTrack into the construction site. And then everything happened very quickly.

"The construction workers came like busy ants, adjusted, measured, and fixed the VeloTrack in the track bed."

A “GoPro” followed the spectacle from a house entrance, the second “GoPro” was attached to the crane. Another camera filmed the entire construction site from the roof of the bus stop.

In between, the two cameramen jumped around and took close-ups of the workers. It was all over at half past two, the road was reopened, and it was time to end work.

The next morning there were a few more close-ups on the VeloGleis test track in Füllinsdorf. In the scorching midday heat, the 50 m VeloTrack was driven up and down what felt like 100 times. Followed by the drone or with the GoPro mounted on the bike, between moving cars, fast and slow, straight or in wavy lines - everything was there.

With a slight sunburn and several gigabytes of film material, we finally went back to Thuringia the next day.

Final sprint in Waltershausen

Four weeks later, the last day of shooting took place in our factory. The production and testing of the elastomer profile was still missing to complete the VeloGleis product trailer. As always, the schedule was tight. All colleagues participating were involved and we quickly started with the first station.

Beside the production on the extrusion line, the following should be filmed as well, the assembly, testing, packaging, storage, and transport. This was not a problem for Maurice and his colleagues.

Every day of shooting must be used wisely and productively. A detailed production plan is essential for this.

So, it went quickly and concentrated forward. The highlight was an e-scooter ride with both cameramen along the extrusion line.

Presenting the innovations of SEALABLE in the perfect way, presents us with new challenges again and again.

Maurice Hüsni, Managing Director from displayced-Filmproduktion

Maurice from displayced-Filmproduktion

The cooperation with displayced film production has existed for many years. The first image film for PDT was made in 2010 with the help of Maurice Hüsni. With the takeover by Datwyler, other product, application, and anniversary films followed in addition to a new image film.

His way of working and his know-how as well as his personality harmonize very well with our team. From the creation of the storyboard to the organization and implementation of filming, to post-production and the finished film contribution - an all-round suitable interaction.

Maurice has many artistic talents. In addition to film production, he is also a gifted musician. As a freelance pianist, he can not only give your image film his very own musical touch, but he also plays well-known classics and modern songs on the piano for various occasions.

You can see the results of his work on our YouTube channel and get an idea of ​​his skills.

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