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Energy Conference | Advancing
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Our contribution to clean energy

SEALABLE takes part in the 3rd energy conference to present solutions for the future.

Innovations and new technologies change our world and the everyday life of every individual. If something was still a vision of the future yesterday, it can already be normal today and become obsolete tomorrow. The change to green or clean energy is ongoing, no matter how long the path seems to be. The energy supply of the future should not only be efficient, safe and economical, but also environmentally friendly.

100% green electricity since 2020 and reduced CO2 emissions

This year the IPH Selzer Ingenieure GmbH are holding their 3rd energy conference. What previously took place in attendance will now be implemented in hybrid form on site and via livestream. We at SEALABLE are happy to be there, to stay informed about the latest developments in the field of energy efficiency and to enter into dialogue with other companies. We are ready to transform the tried and tested.

In the course of this, we are constantly working to make our production more efficient and environmentally friendly. By grouping similar customer orders in production, for example, the cleaning cycles of the machines and waste can be reduced. Packaging material is reused as far as possible and our 

machinery is kept up to date in order to keep energy consumption as low as possible.
But that is only a fraction of our active efforts to meet our responsibility as a company for the environment. We use natural resources cautiously, such as electricity. Thomas Völker, Energy Manager at SEALABLE, presented our new lighting system in Hall 3 at the IPH.

This lighting solution offers us the right light at the right moment. In my opinion, that is real efficiency!

164 presence sensors and 164 daylight sensors, grouped wirelessly in the light fixtures, provide exactly the light that is needed and only when it is needed. Monitoring and reporting of the system is possible anytime and anywhere. In this way, Thomas Völker can check on a daily basis whether we are meeting our target for CO2 savings. In 2020 it was already possible to reduce the CO2 values from 0.494 kg / kg to 0.162 kg / kg (reduction of 67%). On the one hand, this was due to the switch to 100% green electricity, as well as the new and more efficient lighting system. Further key figures and information can be found in our Sustainability Report 2020.

We use natural resources carefully, reduce our environmental impact, improve our environmental efficiency and increase sustainable environmental protection.

Matthias Klug, Managing Partner

What contribution do our products make to clean energy?

Our products also make a contribution to environmental protection and clean energy, with renewable energies being an important keyword. Our solar mats in the Aqsol solar absorber systems achieve the highest useful solar heat yields per unit area. Solar heat is not only an economical alternative to heating swimming pools, for example, but is even emission-free, in contrast to the use of fossil fuels such as gas or oil. The properties of our material guarantee long-term functionality without maintenance work.

Furthermore, it is customary in many places to seal the windowpanes in Metro trains with adhesive when inserting them. This procedure is unnecessary with our glass frame mounts, as they alone provide the necessary hold for the pane. The effort involved in dismantling, for example for repairs in the wagon, is minimal. Adhesive can be avoided entirely, which supports the climate-friendly aspect of rail travel.

Wind energy is also a big buzzword when it comes to the future of energy supply. Our overseas cable conduits ensure the connection of offshore wind farms to the mainland and are more important than ever with the expansion of this type of energy generation.

We at SEALABLE also want to contribute to environmental protection and the energy transition. We learn every day, in order to continuously work more efficiently.

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