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Stadtbahnforum I Presentation
Velo Safe Track Pilot Project

Forum as a hybrid event

At this year's Stadtbahn Forum, specialists and executives from city, underground and tram companies will once again have the opportunity to follow selected specialist lectures by recognized experts. Current trends and developments in railway operations are presented and the two days encourage an exchange of experiences.

17th City and Railway Forum 2021 in Dortmund

On September 28th and 29th, 2021, the Stadtbahnforum took place for the second time under one roof at the same time as the Eisenbahnforum (Railway Conference). Thanks to strict compliance with the 3G rule (vaccinated, recovered, tested) we were able to participate in the events. Like us, 150 specialists and managers accepted the invitation. The mood and the feedback were consistently very positive.

The shared breaks served to network and explore the exhibition.

At our booth, the Product Manager (Track Superstructure) Robert Wörfel presented the advantages of the SEALABLE VeloGleises:

"The bike-safe track offers cyclists protection by preventing the wheel from getting caught in the groove of the rail. In addition, the profile minimizes the risk of slipping in wet weather conditions due to its surface quality & also offers pedestrians barrier-free crossing of the rails."

In addition, it serves to protect against noise by eliminating the rail groove, explains Matthias Klug in his presentation on the pilot project in Basel. Together with Alexander Rüdt from the Basler Verkehrsbetriebe, he described the first installation of the VeloTrack at a “Kap” train stop to the interested audience.

The possibility of switching to the other forum for individual presentations was a positive side effect for expanding one's own spectrum.

Andreas Marx, Managing Director Rhomberg Sersa Vossloh

A few facts about BVB

Basel is considered a business and cultural city in which efficient public transport is vital. The BVB (Basler Verkehrsbetriebe) promotes the mobility of residents in the city and the outskirts with its dense route network and the short intervals and connects Basel with neighboring countries. The network helps to relieve road traffic and contribute to a high quality of life and protection of the environment.

Public transport is very popular in Basel. Almost 127 million passengers are transported by BVB every year. Broken down to the day, that’s over 340,000 people. 85 tram compositions run on nine tram lines and an additional 88 buses on 14 bus lines. If you were to add up the mileage of all BVB vehicles, they would easily travel around the earth once a day.

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