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Sports and Family Festival I Team spirit, employee loyalty and motivation!

Our recipe for success at SEALABLE:
Team spirit, employee loyalty and motivation!

At SEALABLE, we know that the key to success lies in a strong team spirit, excellent employee loyalty and sustained motivation. That's why we are happy to tell you about our Sports and Family Festival with Continental!

Our company has always put a special focus on togetherness, because we know that good cooperation and a strong team lay the foundation for exceptional performance. The Sports and Family Festival was a perfect opportunity to celebrate and strengthen these values.

A day full of team spirit and fun

On Saturday, 24 June 2023, this year's Sports and Family Festival took place on the Waltershausen sports field. Together with the other companies located at the site, the employees were given the opportunity to spend a wonderful day with their families and at the same time to promote team spirit. We had great sporting activities such as football and volleyball where all participants could show their skills. It was inspiring to see teams working together, motivating each other and having fun together.

In addition to team sports, there were also many opportunities to strengthen cohesion within the company. We had a colourful programme with games, competitions and cycling and hiking tours for children and adults. These shared experiences not only promote fun and enjoyment, but also create a positive atmosphere in which everyone can feel good. Matthias Orth, Managing Director at SEALABLE, commented:

"A strong sense of employee loyalty is of great importance to us at SEALABLE. It is our desire that our employees feel valued and supported."

The Sports and Family Festival provided an opportunity to strengthen personal relationships and create an atmosphere of trust that goes beyond the workplace.

Today it's all about the fun factor in the tournament. I wish all the football teams good luck!

Torsten Fiedler, Referee & certified fire safety officer

From fun and games to employee retention:
SEALABLE strengthens team spirit at the Sports and Family Festival

Team spirit is not an empty phrase at SEALABLE, but a core value that we live by every day. We firmly believe that good cooperation and strong togetherness form the foundation for exceptional performance. Through regular team-building activities, such as joint projects, team meetings and team training, we create an environment where our employees can support each other, learn from each other and develop their full potential. We encourage the open exchange of ideas and opinions because we know that diverse perspectives lead to innovative solutions. By creating an environment that fosters team spirit, we not only strengthen the bond among colleagues, but also the effectiveness and efficiency of our work processes.

We are a company that focuses on team spirit, employee loyalty and motivation. The Sports and Family Festival was a great success and showed us that we can achieve a lot together.

Matthias Orth, Managing Director

Cohesion, solidarity and motivation

Employee motivation is another cornerstone at SEALABLE. We are aware that motivated employees are committed and passionate about what they do. That's why we place great emphasis on creating an inspiring and supportive work environment. We recognise the achievements and successes of our team members and celebrate milestones together. We also offer regular training and career development opportunities to support our employees in their professional development and open up new perspectives. At SEALABLE, we believe in open communication and give our employees the opportunity to contribute their ideas and take responsibility. By giving them a high degree of autonomy and freedom to make decisions, we create a motivating work culture that promotes creativity and innovation.

Last but not least, the Sports and Family Festival was also a source of motivation. The day together allowed us to express our appreciation for the hard work and contributions of our staff. It strengthens the belief that as a team we can overcome all challenges and achieve our goals.

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