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Track insulation I no rail
track need stray current

stray current insulation

Stray currents are known to flow along undesirable paths back to their source of current. Such paths include not only the ground, but also metal installations laid in the ground, such as pipelines, reinforced cable sheaths, but also tunnel constructions and railway tracks. Consequently, they are subject to an increased risk of corrosion due to stray currents, especially when moisture finds its way through
the insulation.

A MUST-HAVE for long-life railway tracks


The Rail Comfort System isolates the track from the surrounding superstructure and greatly reduces stray currents. All components are made of high quality elastomers.

The electrical insulation values of the materials are tested according to DIN IEC 62631-3-1.

According to DIN EN 50122-2, the guideline value for the discharge layer is a maximum of 2.5 S/km. For the installed track, which is equipped with the SEALABLE Rail Comfort System, the value is many times lower: 0.01 S/km. Tino Garbe (Research & Development Manager) can explain this particularly low value as follows:

"The reason for this is the simple and compact design, the optimal composition of the materials used and the insulation of all components in the track."

Thanks to their high insulation capacity, elasticity and durability - even under the hardest weather conditions - our products always offer an optimal solution.


  • The system can be delivered in any length
  • On the straight section and in curved areas, the insulation only needs three parts
  • High insulation against stray current (reduction of the discharge layer to 0.01 S/km)
  • All components on and in the track can be isolated
  • Material has high abrasion resistance and weather resistance
  • High elasticity and durability
  • Also withstands temperatures above 270°C for a short time

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