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CE marking I Certified segment
gasket for tunnelling

The first segment gasket with CE marking on the market

Tunnel construction places high demands on the safety and quality of the construction products used. In this demanding environment, SEALABLE has reached a remarkable milestone as a pioneer: the innovative segment gasket "Rio Lomas" is the first of its kind to receive a CE marking. Although there is no harmonised standard for construction products in this field - it is a breakthrough for tunnel construction.

Unique and certified with CE mark

The safety of structures is of great interest to the public, as it involves the protection of life and the health of people as well as the environment. This can be ensured by using reliable and high-performance construction products. As a manufacturer of gaskets for tunnel construction, we always focus on developing outstanding solutions. The segment gasket, specially developed for use in tunnel constructions, combines technical innovation with the highest quality and performance.
In order to have SEALABLE products independently tested and certified, the path via the ETA (European Technical Assessment) at the DIBt (Deutsches Institut für Bautechnik) was taken - a landmark decision that makes us pioneers in this field.

The road to CE marking
The process for obtaining this certification is via a European Technical Assessment (ETA). From the very beginning, the responsible staff at SEALABLE carefully compiled all relevant technical information, test results and performance data. The aim was to provide the assessment body with a comprehensive picture of this innovative segment gasket and to highlight its unique properties.

The DIBt conducted an extensive technical evaluation, examining the performance, safety and durability of the SEALABLE segment seal in the specific context of tunnel construction. Matthias Klug, managing partner of SEALABLE Solutions GmbH, reported:

"While we waited anxiously for the decision of the assessment office, we were full of confidence about our groundbreaking development."

The SEALABLE segment gasket "Rio Lomas" received certification and the CE marking.

A unique European Assessment Document (EAD) was created with the request for the ETA. It describing our segment gasket in detail and proves its conformity with European norms and standards.

Matthias Klug, Managing Director

The importance of the ETA and the EAD:
Safety and confidence in tunnel construction

The CE mark is a milestone for tunnel construction. It confirms that our segment gaskets comply with the strict European norms and standards and meet the highest safety standards. The ETA and EAD (number 320014-00-0605) provide customers in tunnel construction with clear proof of the quality and performance of the SEALABLE segment seal. This strengthens confidence in the product and opens up new business opportunities for us as a company.

A turning point for the industry: innovation and progress in tunnelling.
As the first segment gasket for tunnel construction with an ETA, we setting a significant turning point for the entire industry. 

We hope that other manufacturers will follow this example and also follow the path to CE marking. This will further improve the quality and safety of construction products in tunnelling and have a positive impact on the entire industry.

Matthias Orth, Managing Director

safety future with CE marking

Having the first segment gasket for tunnel construction with a CE certification is a significant milestone for SEALABLE as a company. It underlines our commitment to innovation, quality and sustainability in tunnelling. Through this success, we are not only setting new standards in the industry, but also increasing trust with customers. Oliver Pasemann, Manager Product Development and member of the STUVA e.V. Research Association, concluded: "We are proud to make a positive impact on tunnelling and continue to provide groundbreaking solutions that meet the highest standards."

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